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Beauty essentials for the winter, statement perfumes and rosy cheeks with my LA LIGHTS BLUSH from SMASHBOX that’s what I looking for. I do love to put some white on my nails, that remind’s me of the snow and the winter wonderland. Some fine jewelry from H&M is always a good choice!

For the neckless this amazing little sparkling ball from AGATHA is just what I look for in the winter time. And it’s also a gift from my mom so it makes it more special!! In the winter time everyone knows that there’s no sun here in Paris or Braga so I have to work with the best things we have in the market : Fake tan. St tropez is the best self tan that I found for my face, I use the brand  Le tan for my body.

For my fragrance I swear by Iris Nobile by ACQUA DI PARMA and Mure & musc by L’ARTISAN PARFUMEUR too strong perfumes THAT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. The first one is really sexy,chic and floral made for strong women who knows what she wants in life, a pure and amazing sent for winter or all year. The other one is the Parisienne sent by excellence really musky with some fruit sent to it AHH feels so amazing on my skin.

The last one, but not least is the foundation by Marc Jacobs a strong and beautiful cream foundation that gave you a really great coverage and a wonderful baby skin effect. There you are the ultimate products That I swear by in the winter and they make me feel so confident and happy !!!

Hope you guys are having an awesome time, waiting for Christmas and NYE, for me this is going to be Christmas eve and Christmas in Portugal with Gui’s family and NYE with my family ! I’m so grateful to be able to travel to see my family back in Paris and also to spent some quality time with my baby’s family. I hope it’s gonna be a good one this year, I hope that everyone is going to have some great time and for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, See you in 2017 to make some FIESTA DAMAGE !!!








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