These few weeks have been though, been so anxious and got some panics attacks they say…

I must admit I try to think over and over and over again through my mind the cause of all these stress and anxiety, frankly, still don’t know why BUT, I saw my doctor and say that it’s completely normal for someone who moved away from home with no attach or (my mommy to be exact lol) near by.

So let’s face it 28 years old (well actually only in 2 weeks or less but…) OMAGAD do I still need my mom around? That’s a F*cked up question let me tell you. I’m feeling better now, knowing that I have hospitals, doctors and also my boyfriend, poor thing and obviously I have faith and god with me!!!

So I’m not letting these anxiety attacks came back, just because, I’m stronger than that, you know what, YASS not let this sh*t hit me AAAgain !!!!

To celebrate all that I was in the mood for, outfits, pictures, selfies and beach you know me… beach girl forever? (NOTE TO SELF: still have to buy a surf board and a surf suit, ok, bye)


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