Today’s my birthday and I’m feeling good!

Has the years go by, I feel like my style change, a lot and also the way i’m thinking. I was scared to grow up and be a Twenty something girl with a 9 to 5 boring job and no more interests in life and maybe 10 kids or 20 cats (not that I don’t want kids and cats). But no, that’s not my life and I’m not feeling old maybe it’s because i’m still on the twenty side, go figure… Anyway I’m feeling good and young and I also feel like there’s so much more things to do now than ever.

I can say that my style change because I’m more into muted colors not so much bright colors and I used to LOVE really LOVE bright colors but now I feel like whites and cremes and blacks all of that, suits me more.

I really love shopping and try to find pieces that I know I’m gonna love wearing rather than buying just some clothes (just for the thrill of it) and ending selling it on the internet !! I’m much more conscious about what I shop and I have this list that I made the other day my  » 29 by 29  » list where I wrote one of the things for myself  » to buy things that are worthy and more conscious with the environment » It’s a challenge because I used to buy all my clothes at ZARA & CO but I want to make the effort instead of shopping two thousands pieces at ZARA (lol) I’m going to try buying one or two pieces at my favorite designer.

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