Paris fashion week is over so it’s time for me to do a recap and share with you my favorite looks!

But there’s so many great shows and designers that I want to share with you, so, this is going to be part I of I DON’T KNOW HOW MANY PARTS I’m going to share, but, you know, stay tuned.

  From Louis Vuitton to Celine OMAGAD so many amazing pieces, yellow is my favorite color and from the Vuitton show you can imagine how I felt, melt over those yellow pieces! The shoes gave me a Chanel vintage vibe just perfect. Sleek and comfy looks but always classy, amazingness let me tell you. The materials the colors, everything is beautiful and I just want to wear these trends already.  I love love LOVE the oversize jackets from Mid Miu the pink/violet/purple color also is amazing.



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